A Contextual Celebration Of A Restaurant And A Motorcycle Brand _ Studio Lotus

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A Contextual Celebration Of A Restaurant And A Motorcycle Brand _ Studio Lotus

Who doesn’t love an ambient place, good food, and an experiential quality time all together in one single entity? A project by Studio Lotus draws a similar picture through their uniquely crafted café in Goa, India. Studio Lotus is a New Delhi, India based firm, known for its versatility and their design approach of celebrating context.

A very fine example of this is ‘Royal Enfield Garage Café,’ an adaptive reuse project, situated at Baga Creek, Goa. An old Goan eatery, converted into a Goan Style café and brand experience destination, this project is a staple at dinner table.

As the firm believes in taking deep contextual approach, the vision of the architect is clearly interpreted in this project.

The story is built around the brand – Royal Enfield’s core values of timelessness, craftsmanship and an unadulterated love for motorcycling.

In addition, the designer has also paid homage to the context of its setting, by inviting local Goan artisans to hand paint the exterior tiles.

Also, the design is an amalgamation of existing Portuguese Style structure and traditional Goan roofs. The use of steel framework, zinc roof, laterite infill walls, charcoal grey metal and glass façade, tells a tale of industrial craftsmanship.

Allowing sitting freely amidst the environment of Goa, the café is deeply rooted towards the brand it caters. The Garage Café houses a retail space, a bar & restaurant, a gallery space, a bike customization area, and a service center. The role of architect was to create an immersive brand experience for their client and enhance their core value. Thus, the project being multi-functional, it was possible for the architect to play with height and volumes of the built form. The planning was such that a visitor could easily anticipate the functional aspects, making it an approachable built form.

The project could be defined as an independent yet interconnected structure, giving an ease of usability. In addition, the project celebrated art in every corner of the café, by beautifully exaggerating Royal Enfield iconography.

Hence, the overall project is an interpretation of beautifully crafted spaces with an aura of experiential quality.

The industrial take on the material palette, and amalgamating it with the traditional Goan architectural style is worthy of ‘pause and appreciate.’

The project all together takes its viewers to a meandering Goan road trip, with richer and more comprehensive experience.

Architects: Studio Lotus

Project: Royal Enfield Garage Cafe

Type: Cafe (Mixed Use, Adaptive Reuse)

Area: 9600 ft²

Year: 2017

Location: Goa, India

Project Team: Pankhuri Goel, Shalini Satish Kumar, Raman Vig, Mustafa Lokhandwala, Laura Robin

Client: Eicher Motors

Artworks: Codesign

Write-up: Ar. Vibhuti Sorathia

Photography: Andre J. Fanthome

Images Source: designboom & Studio Lotus