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A Luxurious Hotel Design In Traditional Cycladic Style Architecture Of Santorini _ Art Maisons

A Luxurious Hotel Design In Traditional Cycladic Style Architecture Of Santorini _ Art Maisons

The city of Santorini, commonly known for its blue and white aesthetics, is an island in Cycladic architecture formed by two principal towns Fira and Oia. The traditional architecture of Santorini is characterized into low-lying cubical built forms, made of local stone and whitewashed with various volcanic ashes used as colors.

Nestled in one of these beautiful Cyclades islands of Greece on the Aegean Sea, the ‘Art Maisons’ is a unique set of the hotel design in the Oia region of Santorini.

Oia is a breathtaking site suspended over ancient volcanic cliffs. The island is praised around the world for its wild beauty and enchanting sunsets. With the cobblestone streets and the amazing Caldera views, it should not come as a surprise that Oia was, is, and will eternally be, a favored destination for artists, writers, and musicians. Cozy restaurants, charming shops, fascinating galleries, lively bars, are all at feet as one enters the most delightful settlement of Oia! One will never cease to be charmed by the famous picturesque buildings and Cycladic architecture.

At the heart of mythical Santorini in the traditional village of Oia, there sit these two breathtaking properties of Art Maisons, which are an experience in itself.

Each suite offers a unique look and feel of traditional Cycladic style architecture with minimal yet luxurious comfort.

Art Maisons is a company that was founded in the creative expression of the desire to seek out the most unique locations in Oia (Ia) Santorini and offer the best settings.

'Aspaki Exclusive Hotel Suites' and 'Oia Castle Luxury Suites' are part of Art Maisons Exclusive Hotels, creation of architecturally artistic which appeal to the demanding traveler with exclusive taste.

The luxurious living environment created by them makes for an imaginative combination of traditional architectural beauty, and modern comfort. All of the suites in both complexes are characterized by elegance and style thanks to their classy decoration and artistic details.

However, luxurious suites at Aspaki and Oia Castle are not only about mesmerizing sea views. Art Maisons has been designed and built-in harmony with the traditional surrounding area.

Featuring typical Cycladic architecture with smooth curved lines and whitewashed walls, all of the suites at Art Maisons provide guests with an utterly calm atmosphere ideal for a relaxing and totally romantic holiday in the magical island of Santorini.

Although similar from the outside, every eco-friendly suite at Art Maisons has a unique style, design, and architectural details.

Inspired by the volcano and its energy, some cave suites are decorated with black and red stone patterns perfectly blending with the white sculptured walls. Others, such as the Olympic Deluxe Villa feature details from ancient Greece, including spiritual shapes of the walls, white marbles, and golden touches.

The overall decoration is characterized by sculptured walls, earthy tones, and ample open-plan spaces for absolute comfort.

Some of the cave-style suites at Art Maisons offer large heated indoor swimming pools with hydro-massage jets for truly intimate moments in a properly Cycladic ambiance. Reflections of the water add a light marine charm to excite your senses. Outdoor areas won’t disappoint you as well! Curve-lined balconies and terraces offer a spacious area to soak up the sun and the spectacular views of the Caldera, the volcano, and the picturesque village of Oia; plus a big pro, that is, the built-in heated Jacuzzi on the balcony inviting you to pamper yourself as you enjoy amazing experiences.

All in all, the luxurious living environment created by Art Maisons makes for an imaginative combination of traditional architectural beauty, and modern comfort.

Aspaki Exclusive Hotel Suites:

‘Aspaki Exclusive Hotel Suites’ in Santorini offers luxurious suites with unsurpassed and panoramic views of Caldera, the legendary volcano, the Aegean Sea, and the magnificent Cycladic architecture with its white traditional cave houses Due to its unique location, these views are offered in ultimate privacy.

Nesting on the edge of the volcanic cliffs, in the majestic embrace of the Caldera, Aspaki Exclusive Hotel Suites peers over the mythical volcano of Santorini, rumored to be the lost civilization of Atlantis!

Situated in the heart of the protected village of Oia, next to the famous blue-domed churches, the hotel envelopes the visitor in meditative peace and tranquility.

Sun-lit balconies sparkling under the azure Oia sky, pools that draw you into mysterious caves, romantic private balconies, and luxurious suites overlooking the Caldera view; all this has come together in a magical fusion creating the enchanting Aspaki Exclusive Hotel Suites in Santorini.

Guests here can enjoy the choice of the outdoor heated pool and sunbathing deck area, located on the very edge of the cliff inviting one to experience exceptional service, mesmerizing views, and easy access to Oia, Santorini attractions.

This Hotel is the perfect choice for couples looking for a memorable and intimate experience with luxurious accommodation and view.

Aspaki Exclusive Hotel Suites consists of 8 suites with the imposing volcano in the middle.

Apart from ultimate privacy for guests who seek a holiday filled with relaxation, calmness, and quality time, suites at Aspaki are individually decorated.

In some, stylish touches with a minimal tendency prevail, while others, such as the Exclusive Suites include antique-style furnishings always in combination with more modern aspects

Oia Castle Luxury Suites:

‘Oia Castle Luxury Suites’ is situated in the romantic setting of Oia with an unparalleled Caldera view.

Combined with luxury accommodation and a private sunset viewing platform, these suites are the ideal honeymoon choice.

Perched high on the volcanic island of Santorini, in the midst of the most famous traditional village Oia (Ia) stands the legendary Castle of Oia.

Once used as a fortress, it is now the most popular spot for romance and lovers.

The passion for this magical place lures them to the breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Oia Castle Luxury Suites is located on the old Castle at the same traditional building where the famous movie “Summer Lovers” was filmed.

Its Suites and Villas were recreated from the romantic past and combined with every modern-day luxury at the most attractive spot of Oia. Each lavish detail is designed to delight the guests as they soak up the Caldera views, the Aegean Sea, and the dreamlike traditional village.

The sublime Caldera view, the timeless beauty of Oia village, and the intimate honeymoon suites are wonderful marriages of creativity and luxury sure to make the dreams come true.

The suites provide a captivating view of one of the most famous sunsets in the world, sinking in the sea, promising a spectacular show of color flowing from nature’s paintbrush. Oia Castle Luxury Suites display unique decorations creating a totally different style for each property. In general, the atmosphere inspired by the building’s once glorious past travels guests back in time in style. Romantic, vintage, and antique furnishings are here for an utterly romantic setting, while highlights of every suite are its oversized double beds, some with canopy and others being totally stylish, yet always comfortable.