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A Vintage Inspired Coffee Shop Design Adding Old Saigon Vibes _ KSOUL Studio

A Vintage Inspired Coffee Shop Design Adding Old Saigon Vibes _ KSOUL Studio

The Saigon story-line continues with this new store as it carries on Den Da to the new chapter.

The interior design concept focuses on the old Saigon images as the core value to bring fresh air to the customers.

Since the existing branches might have not brought to you any special feels for a while, or you might not get familiar with Den Da – Ky Con, then right at this Phu Dong roundabout, Ksoul would like to introduce a whole new version of Den Da.

This includes the best values of Den Da throughout their history which would soothes your minds with satisfaction as soon as you set foot into the place.

Being inspired by what might have been considered obsolete by the young generation, Ksoul decided to utilize vintage and extreme high-functional materials and coloration to remind the customers of the construction trend and social situation in the 90s.

First and foremost, the most important factor is the overall structure of the project, window-panes are aligned separately as in the famous building at 42 Nguyen Hue street.

Going through the store space are grindstones and step-tread tiles arranged elegantly – the two main materials used in old Saigon households.

Also, traditional bricks are used to set up the bartender area, one of the small but special spot that Ksoul would like to contribute to the scheme of our designing.

This place would definitely give you a comfortable and satisfying touch thanks to the layout that Ksoul intended to integrate vintage and retrospective things with breakthrough and modern deliverables.

An example could be the green-coated walls which recall the old house vibes, accompanied by round-shaped inox led cases – which are painted orange that have demonstrated the interference of old-school and new-school styles.

Indeed, it would be safe to say that Ksoul rarely is involved in project with traditional and vintage deliverables because it would tend to be outdated in such a modern society.

However, once we commit to do it, we are ambitious to materialize the story and the core values that our customers would like to convey to Den Da lovers.

Especially, this is the combination that marks the development based on the modernization and urbanization that Den Da has been pursuing throughout their storyline.

Architects: KSOUL Studio

Project: Den Da Coffee Shop

Type: Cafe

Area: 165 m²

Year: 2021

Location: Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Design Team: Ksoul Studio

Manufacturers: Dulux, Kohler, Dat Viet, EUROTO, MaiKa

Engineering: Ksoul Studio

Client: Den Da

Text: By Architects

Photographs: Valor Studio

Source: Archdaily

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