AZULIK, Tulum: An Eco-Friendly Concept With An Atmosphere For Reconnection _ Roth Architecture

AZULIK, Tulum: An Eco-Friendly Concept With An Atmosphere For Reconnection _ Roth Architecture

Azulik is a mystical experience, a sanctuary for reconnection and wellness where the jungle meets the sea.

It is an eco-friendly concept that brings together sustainability, creativity, and heritage under one roof.

Reconnection takes on a new meaning in a place where nature, art, and ancestral wisdom coexist.

This sanctuary provides peace in a space blessed with magical surroundings.

AZULIK, Roth Architecture's first project, is the manifestation of a creative journey inspired by different ethnic groups and the prioritization of the bond between humans and nature.

Its commercial and cultural purposes are condensed in a landscape design that combines views of the sea and contact with the surrounding jungle.

The construction plan, elevated not to disturb the ground ecosystem, houses gastronomic, wellness, and lifestyle initiatives.

Conceptualized as a tree-house that invites play and self-discovery, the different levels generate a ludic experience nourished by the endemic materials used for its construction.

The campus consists of villas, restaurants, healing spaces, retail spaces, and also a museum.

All these spaces are weaved together in making it a whole which is given the name Azulik.

Every space is designed to create a journey connecting inside and outside seamlessly.

A person experiences every bit of his stay in reconnection with nature.

The villas of AZULIK Tulum were designed to create an atmosphere for rest and reconnection.

With no air conditioning, television, or electric light, the impact technology has on the environment is reduced and the ability to get in tune with the surroundings.

Mainly the villas are categorized as per the location and feel. There are seven types of villas, each with unique characteristics.


The Aqua Villa is one of the most cherished habitable sculptures and an ode to tasteful design in harmony with the environment.

Located in the most private area in AZULIK Tulum, its unforgettable decoration with indoor waterways, bejuco floors, elevated round bed and geometrical mirrors inspire all of its visitors.

In short an ode to artisanal organic design and a habitable sculpture blessed by the Caribbean.

As the name says, it is about experiencing water.

Take the shoes off and climb onto the resting net that faces the ocean.

Explore the path that leads to a private terrace with an artisanal sea-facing hot tub, and lie down to receive the energy that comes from the east over the magnificence of the Caribbean Sea.

Further, one can enjoy the healing power of water by taking a dip into the curative power of the cenote water in the Mayan obsidian bathtub and walk down the private staircase to the beach.


Located right where the waves touch the coast, Sea Villas are the perfect spot to build intimate bonds with nature.

Their spectacular closeness and connection with the ocean make them one of the most iconic spots in AZULIK Tulum.

Experiencing the vastness of the sea and relaxation, one can realign the self to the rhythms of nature with the rising sun.

Every inch of these sanctuaries is crafted by expert hands with local materials.

With the private terrace, one is contemplated in the ocean view, enjoying the hanging Balinese bed and outdoor tub.


Staying in one of the Sky Villas is an unforgettable experience.

Standing gracefully on a cliff that faces the ocean of AZULIK Tulum, they were dreamed up for lovers of the sea who wish to contemplate its infinite beauty.

While enjoying the beauty of the ocean breeze from the hanging bed, one could see stars illuminating the night from one's private terrace.

Located on the second floor of our wooden ocean-front building, these villas are the definition of a getaway in complete communion with nature, experiencing harmony.


Staying in the main villa of AZULIK Tulum is living in a dream by the sea.

Named in honor of the light that dominates the night sky, the Moon Villa is everything one can imagine when envisioning an enchanting cottage to spend the most romantic moments of life.

Each one of its levels displays a new magical setting: a dreamlike chamber with an elegant round bed, a spherical sanctuary with translucent walls, a stone waterfall, and a private deck meant for rest.


Deeply connected to the land under AZULIK Tulum, the Jungle Villas are designed to enhance the feeling of reconnection with nature.

Their wooden structures are surrounded by the powerful energy of the Mayan jungle, which casts its mystical energy on the property.

Handcrafted by local artisans, every decorative aspect of these villas uses materials consciously sourced from this region to create a space that communicates simplicity and connection with the regional roots.

Located close to the House of Ancestral Medicine, the Mayan Spa, and IKAL, the beautiful sanctuary, is equipped with an extra-large bed and a wooden terrace with an outdoor tub.


The Mayan Villas of AZULIK Tulum represent the search for creativity, a pathway to find inspiration, optimism, vitality, and freedom.

The villas offer a gorgeous view of the jungle that grows around them.

Their wooden terrace is perfect for coexisting with nature while enjoying the outdoor hot tub.

Encircled by the majesty and exuberance of the jungle, they honor the culture that inhabited this sacred land.


Located in the southern area of AZULIK Tulum, Aztec Villa is ideal for travelers who wish to experience the rejuvenating atmosphere of the elements. Creatively decorated by expert craftsmen, they represent a way to interact with your surroundings through the stillness we find in nature. Their wooden deck is ideal for observing the jungle and the ocean. Their indoor and outdoor living spaces are places for relaxation imbued with the magic of the jungle. A heritage experience with artisanal amenities is the soul characteristic of these villas.

The true gastronomy experiences at Azulik Tulum are the earth-rooted delicatessen. Their restaurants, Kin Toh (Mayan-Mexican cuisine) and Tseen Ja (Japanese-Mayan cuisine) are two of the most iconic spaces in Azulik. From cultural encounters to tree-houses, the experience here is astounding.


The restaurant takes guests literally to new heights through wooden structures that tower above the canopy of the forest, creating an atmosphere where we feel like we are floating over the trees.

The design of the private booths imitates that of birds’ nests and generates the illusion of flight.

These private spaces are meant to encourage gatherings and to provide opportunities for contemplation.

The spectacular views, the warmth of the wooden structures, and the dim-lit night setting have made Kin Toh a benchmark in Roth Architecture’s design.


Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, Tseen Ja incorporates low tables, natural elements, and the warmth of bejuco wood into its atmosphere.

The restaurant also features nests, private areas that, in addition to serving as points of contemplation, form geometric patterns that visually enrich the experience from above.

Lighting installations show us the duality between clarity and darkness while hanging bridges add a playful touch to the expression of the structure.

The routes that mark the beginning of the experience play with the divergence between the exterior and interior, accentuating the immersive atmosphere of the space.