Barefoot Resort At Havelock: Bliss in the Lap of Nature

Barefoot Resort At Havelock: Bliss in the Lap of Nature

The Barefoot Resort at Havelock draws inspiration from the essence of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands –the raw, unexploited environment, the exotic cuisine, and the local, tribal architecture. An escapade from the necessities of daily life, the resort is tucked away in absolute serendipity. Crispy ocean air coupled with the vistas through the trees envelops the resort with an idiosyncratic silence. One can watch the sun paint myriad view over the sky, or test the waters through stand-up paddling, kayaking, or diving. One can trek the way across the resort and cool off at the ocean. Bliss!

The resort, being located on Radhanagar Beach, is full of opportunities.

Being just off the world-famous beach and amid a thick tropical rainforest, a holiday at Barefoot at Havelock resort is an experience of a lifetime.

The guests visit this property to get a chance to unearth the treasures of nature, find tranquility, and be charmed forever.

The Barefoot Havelock has the most pristine experiences to offer.

The leisurely walk-around rainforest resort in Havelock presents a beautiful world filled with exotic trees, birds, and animals.

Whereas, the breath of fresh air gives a feeling of awe making one stay at Havelock the most memorable one.

The Barefoot Havelock resort consists of 31 elegantly designed, island-inspired tents, cottages, and villas complete with spacious interiors and modern amenities.

Constructed using renewable materials such as cane, thatch, and wood, the rooms at the resort are sure to impress the guests.

The villas and cottages are built on stilts to let the runoff after the rains take its natural course back into the sea.

Andaman Villas

Inspired by the wooden architecture from the British era in the Andaman Islands, the ‘Andaman Villas’ have a luxurious ambiance.

Made from timber wood and built on stilts, this villa is carefully constructed in keeping with the resort’s philosophy of caring for the environment.

Complementing this beautiful villa is a large sundeck for relaxation making these villas the most popular ones.

The rooms are furnished with large, inviting beds fronted by floor-to-ceiling picture windows presenting a panoramic view of the tropical foliage and fruit trees alfresco – for the ultimate serenity on a holiday.

The villa comes equipped with a separate walk-in jungle shower with a glass skylight looking up to the forest canopy.

Nicobari Cottages

The spacious ‘Nicobari Cottages’ has a rustic charm and present-day comforts at the same time. These cottages are built mainly out of fast regenerating materials – bamboo matting for walls, local hardwood for flooring, and palm leaves thatch for the roof. The cottage in the woods comes with a king-size four-poster bed, a writing desk and chair, a couch for two, and an en-suite bathroom. Right outside there is a lovely porch, where one can relax, read a book, spot birds, or simply gaze at the evergreen foliage in front.

Tented Cottages

The ‘Tented Cottages’, as the name suggests, these rooms are luxurious tents equipped with all modern amenities such as a four-poster double bed, a writing desk and a chair, and an attached bathroom. There is a lovely sit-out with a garden view, furnished with cozy chairs that are perfect for lounging after a long beach day. At night, the garden clearing allows one to see a starlit night sky right outside the tent. These are ideal for a simple, large, and comfortable space during the island holiday.

Duplex Havelock Cottage

The exquisite Duplex Havelock cottage is perfect for families traveling with children or four people who’d like to share comfortable accommodation.

The lower level has a four-poster double bed, a writing desk and a chair, and a wardrobe. Right outside on the lower level is a large porch for quality time with family or friends.

The upper level comes with a low queen-size bed, low seating, and low roofing surrounded by rollup bamboo matting blinds, having which opened pleases your eyes with greenery and natural light all around.

A sojourn at this quaint cottage is one of the unforgettable things of the resort.

Nicobari Villa

Inspired by the large, perfectly circular community huts of Nicobari villages, Nicobari Villa is a designer room that gives an authentic tropical island feel, with a touch of modern luxury.

Made entirely from wood, the room’s walls are vertical slats, which when opened allowing ample sunlight to enter the room from all directions.

The designer sought the help of a Nicobari village head, called The Captain, to get the precise dome made of thatch as the roof.

A large four-poster bed, wooden chairs, and table, along with the wooden flooring, all together give this room an elegant look.

The villa has a private terrace to lounge within the comfort of villa in Havelock.

From spas to fine-dine, the resort has an ample amount of amenities to offer. One can Dine under the starlight and indulge in the dishes inspired by local cuisine and curated with fresh produce. Like many structures in the resort, Dugong Dugong Lounge Bar is inspired by one of the endemic inhabitants of the Andaman Islands. The name of the bar pays homage to Zoe, a resident dugong who grazes in the vicinity, one of the last remains of a local.

The resort Barefoot at Havelock draws attention to botany by giving a tour of the kitchen garden and livestock farm.

Their stand on sustainability led them to create a small kitchen garden and establish plantations.

In addition, one can relax and rejuvenate at the spa while listening to the waves lapping at the shore serenades the soul.

The experiences at Barefoot Havelock are surely enjoyable ones. From guided leisure walk to trekking towards the secret beach, from snorkeling to kayaking, from fishing to standup paddling, from yoga to trail biking, and from bodyboarding to swim at the beach, every activity generates an experience to connect with the island. To experience the unmatched joy and cultivate the inner strength a person feels complete at Barefoot Havelock resort at Radhanagar beach.

Project: Barefoot Resort at Havelock

Type: Resort

Location: Andaman and Nicobar Island

Content Writer: Priya Jain