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CATCH: A Seafood Restaurant In A Classy Modern European Style Interior Design _ YoDezeen Studio

Kyiv, Ukraine _ CATCH: A Seafood Restaurant In A Classy Modern European Style Interior Design _ YoDezeen Studio

The designers' objective was to create a high-class elegant restaurant with an arresting design; a classy modern European interior in muted grey and brown tones using natural surfaces.

"Our first impression of the place was a bit shocked a lot of unnecessary decor, multi-level platforms, the space divided in height, and other interior peculiarities,” say the designers.

The new fish restaurant CATCH is located in the heart of Kyiv 12 Vladimirskaya St., near St Sofia Church.

The owners, the La Famiglia team, consolidated everything appreciated by true gourmets:

the most extensive selection of fish and seafood in the capital;

8 kinds of oysters,

150 kinds of champagne, and

200 kinds of white wines.

To start with, the architects cleared the space as much as possible to flood the interior with light and air.

The old windows were replaced with a new thin profile variety, the inner balconies were completely removed and the ladder was relocated, thereby creating a vertical axis of space for development.

The restaurant is roughly divided into two parts, with the main hall on the ground floor and the banquet hall on the second floor.

It was decided to split the ground floor space into two zones a bar with a communal table and the main dining room, by means of a three-meter seafood showcase, wine racks, and refrigerators.

Thanks to a large number of pendant lamps, mirrors, and shiny surfaces, the main hall is filled with light and reflections and feels bigger. In the daytime, CATCH is intended more for business meetings, with a stylish, but cozy and informal atmosphere.

In the evening, however, with different lighting the restaurant becomes a very romantic place.

The restaurant is filled with rough-hewn unprocessed surfaces brickwork, metal, concrete columns; with varied dark metal pipes on the ceiling providing a moody Industrial feel; hundreds of parallel tubes decorate the ceiling of a memorable bathroom.

This is exclusively a fish restaurant, so naturally, the subject is celebrated in the decor.

Marine themes show up in the large shelving with a three-level aquarium, in the large open bar window where fresh fish is cooked in front of the guests, and even in the glazed monochrome tile behind the bar, colored like ocean algae.

CATCH is one of the few Kyiv restaurants where you can have the rare pleasure of dining at one long table. A communal table is a new trend in the gastronomic life of fashionable Europe and the pride of the place.

The table, made from solid oak, is slightly higher than usual, and above it, there is a large lighting chandelier of 450 light bulbs….a real masterpiece.

The upper floor chamber banquet room of the restaurant is rich and cozy– a dark ceiling with molded chandeliers, black and blue leather furniture, a graphite mirror, and some metal framed paintings.

The designers aimed to create a calm pleasant atmosphere of delicate chic in this restaurant… and succeeded.

Architects: YoDezeen Studio

Project: CATCH Seafood Restaurant

Type: Restaurant and Bar

Area: 560 sq. mt.

Year: 2020

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Co-Founders: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf,

Photographer: Andrii Shurpenkov

About YoDezeen:

Yodezeen is an award-winning architectural and interior design studio with over 800 projects worldwide and offices in Kyiv, Miami, and a representative office in Milan. Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev founded the studio in 2010 intending to develop a conceptual approach in design and architecture. The studio is distinguished by high-quality design, and international experience and is well-known in the residential and commercial real estate sectors.

The basic philosophy of the studio is to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for the customers by lightning-fast development of projects employing unique styles and architecture. The studio creates harmony out of seemingly completely incompatible elements in the interior or the exterior design.

Combining elements that have never been combined - is the studio's forte and passion.


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