COMO Uma Punakha: A Luxury Hotel In The Remote Himalayan Kingdom _ Cheong Yew Kuan

COMO Uma Punakha: A Luxury Hotel In The Remote Himalayan Kingdom _ Cheong Yew Kuan

COMO Uma Punakha is an intimate, luxury hotel lodge located at the far western end of the lush Punakha Valley in Bhutan. From the picturesque base overlooking a snake-like bend of the Mo Chu river, Uma Punakha is ideally located for those who wish to explore this remote Himalayan Kingdom.

Providing luxury accommodation in this less-visited area of Bhutan, the hotel is a five-hour drive from Bhutan’s only international airport and the luxury hotel group’s other property COMO Uma Paro.

COMO Uma Punakha is designed by Architect Cheong Yew Kuan, who is one of the world’s great design visionaries.

His elegant, sympathetic style creates a seamless connection with the outside world, building homes that flow harmoniously with nature.

He is the visionary behind natural aesthetics with his harmonious approach to architectural design.

The architect likes COMO Uma Punakha the most.

He says, “I remember the first time I stood on the hill in Punakha and was struck by the view."

"The verdant fields, the bend in the river, the stillness of the valley, and the zing in the air everything blows my mind every time I go there,” Cheong adds while describing his experience and nostalgia with the location.

Nestled on a hillside at a bend in the Mo Chu river, the property is part of the landscape.

It is so designed that every room commands sweeping views of the Punakha Valley and the Mo Chu as it winds its way through the rice fields and orchards.

The hotel COMO Uma Punakha is a vibrant example of luxury accommodation.

The rooms are designed intrinsically with Bhutanese design details and understated comfort.

With outdoor terraces, living rooms, dining areas, dressing rooms, lounge areas, deep bathtubs, shower stalls, and bathrooms, the villas are light and airy.

The interiors brim with Sheesham wood furniture, bright wall paintings by local artisans, and French windows with views.

The décor of each corner reflects Bhutan’s Buddhist culture and traditions. From Indian cotton bedcovers having hand-stitched patterns to hand-knotted rugs from Nepal, everything is about colors.

The hotel COMO Uma Punakha offers guests exceptional access to some of Bhutan’s most celebrated landscapes and historic sites.

With nine hillside Valley View rooms and two free-standing luxury private villas, COMO Uma Punakha provides luxury in the wilderness.

Here, the Bukhari restaurant serves both local and international cuisine, while the standalone COMO Shambhala Retreat offers traditional holistic therapies.

From delicious meals based on local produce to Asian-inspired wellness treatments, the hotel is a complete package of experiences with comfort and luxury.

One can design their stay by exploring the kingdom.

Architect: Cheong Yew Kuan

Project: COMO Uma Punakha

Type: Luxury Hotel

Location: Punakha, Bhutan

Firm: Area Designs

Write-up: Ar. Vibhuti Sorathia

Photographer: Martin Morell