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Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge: A Vernacular Dimension To Luxury In A Tribal Living _ Earthitects

Kabini, Karnataka - Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge: A Vernacular Dimension To Luxury In A Tribal Living _ Earthitects

Situated adjacent to the serene wilderness of Nagarhole National Park and surrounded on three sides by the scenic Kabini backwaters, Evolve Back, Kabini draws you into the vibrant lifestyle of the local Kadu Kuruba tribe. It does so by providing the essence of their tradition. The architectural style of the resort emanates from the building heritage of the Kadu Kurubas characterized by mud walls, thatched roofs, and cow dung smeared floors.

The interiors of the Private Pool and Jacuzzi Huts celebrates the vernacular with ethnic furniture, tribal patterned furnishings, and bottle gourd lampshades while the exterior captures the richness of the land and its culture to match the theme.

The scenic resort with its unique architectural style and sweeping panoramic vistas present a vernacular dimension to luxury that’s truly liberating.​

Experience tribal living at its luxurious best.

Drawn into the vibrant social tapestry of the Kadu Kuruba tribes of Kabini, we envisioned a space that would bring about a vernacular dimension to luxury.

With inspiration from the design language of the Hadis or tribal villages of Kabini, this distinct architectural style adopted by us emanates from the building heritage of the Kadu Kuruba tribes of the region.

Surrounded on three sides by the scenic Kabini backwaters, the spaces are characterized by plastered walls, thatched roofs, and Eucalyptus poles along with the meticulous artistry of tradition and art by native craftsmen.

Immersed in nature, an ozonized pool bordered with stone decking adds a luxurious charm to the vibrant tribal spaces. The azure waters and the russet skies of a Kabini sunset-spectacle often combine, transporting you to a world where time has no meaning.

A Vernacular Dimension to a luxurious bath experience.

Adopting ‘Organic Architecture’ - a philosophy of architecture that promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world, we at Earthitects redefined the conventional bathroom.

The expansive tribal-inspired bath with an earthy palette is envisioned to be one with nature.

A landscaped courtyard is designed to overlook the bathtub with a skylight for one to indulge in the natural aura. This indulging space portraying an array of bespoke elements that keep up with the native Kadu Kuruba theme is an ode to our attention to detail.

The cabinetry, ceilings, doors, windows, and fixtures reflect a warm vernacular sensitivity that highlights wood in its most natural form while complimenting the rustic stone in the countertops and floors.

Refresh, Revive and Reconnect with Nature, where time has no meaning.

Located at the edge of the Kabini river, the pool of infinity is the perfect oasis of calm. An escape from the chaos of urban life, this refreshing pool is characterized by stone pathways and natural boulders allowing you to savor the full essence of nature.

Crafting an Intimate Dining Experience amidst the still waters of the Kabini river.

With the objective of using only locally sourced natural materials, the distinctive design of the ‘Candle-light Cruise’ contributes to a one-of-a-kind boat dining experience.

Set under the gentle warm glow of candle lights, one can relish an intimate dinner whilst silently floating the waters of the Kabini river.

Made out of strong planks of wood, the design of the boat displays our attention to unique craftsmanship in any design journey we embark on, from a building to a boat. The sole of the boat is lifted by a wooden platform while the roof is supported by iron frames that are wrapped with fiber obtained from the outer husk of the coconut. Intricately woven bamboo mats held together by coir ropes form the upper part of the roof, providing privacy and protection from external elements as the boat sets afloat.

A Pool surrounded by the vibrant social tapestry of tribal-inspired design.

Overlooking the children’s play area, the pool is designed for a scenic plunge and is surrounded by traditional huts. Divided organically into three zones, the third zone is the shallow toddler pool with its child-safe design. Mimicking the stripes of the tiger, the strips of grass continue into the pool through prominently colored tiles. It includes wooden deck chairs and a thatched roof water slide.

Experience the Vernacular Design Aesthetic - the intimate expression of being One with Nature while you unwind.

Inspirited by the culture and lifestyle of the native Kadu Kuruba tribes, the design of the bedroom bespeaks a happy marriage of traditional craft and luxury.

With an earthy palette, every feature is crafted using local materials reflecting a warm vernacular sensitivity.

From the ethnic furniture to the tribal-patterned furnishings, each element is thoughtfully designed, portraying our close attention to detail.

The signature pattern on the floor is inspired by the traditional cow dung floors of village homes.

Depicting the mud-plastered homes in villages, the textured walls are highlighted by lamp-holding niches.

Carefully Woven Bamboo mats supported by Eucalyptus poles constitute the interior ceiling of the vernacular thatched roof.

Known for its rich color and consistent grain, the Eucalyptus poles are a prominent part of the room’s furniture and fittings.

Furniture handcrafted from Eucalyptus and Teak is accented by bright natural upholstery with patterned animal stripes. Bespoke Urns and tribal frames add character to the tribal-inspired hut.