Finns Beach Club In A Striking Bamboo Architecture Sitting On The Oceanfront _ Penjor Bali Mandiri

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Finns Beach Club In A Striking Bamboo Architecture Sitting On The Oceanfront _ Penjor Bali Mandiri

When one says Bali, a picture of infinite sea, vast rice terraces, and exemplary bamboo structures come to mind. Bali is one of the places where one can enjoy the amalgamation of marvelous mountains and beautiful beaches. With its beauty, it is also a destination to witness exemplary hospitality and alluring architecture. It is a land of culture and traditions dating back to their ancestors. The region is full of bohemian romance from its regional architecture to its religious activities.

Looking back in 2018, the time when the world was open for travel and it was possible to be in any part of the world, a group of five friends visited this heaven-on-earth place called Bali to have an experience of their life.

One of their extraordinary experiences was at ‘Finns Beach Club,’ a beach club in the Berawa area of the Canggu region in Bali.

Owned by Mr. Tony Smith and his family, Finnes Beach Club is a part of a brand chain called ‘Finns Bali,’ founded in 2009 when the family relocated from Australia to Bali and joined with his long-time friend and business associate Mr. I Ketut Subina.

Opened on 1st June 2016, Finnes Beach Club is designed by renowned architect Penjor Bali Mandiri.

Penjor Bali Mandiri is principally an Architecture and Building Construction Project Management company. A results-driven team that creates and embraces innovative solutions to many of the problems associated with the construction industry in Asia. Finns Beach Club is a project, where the architect's approach was to design an enclosed space depicting the architecture of the region. The built-form resulted in a striking bamboo structure designed to allow every guest a guaranteed ocean view. The planning consists of pools, bars, swim-up pool bars, and restaurants.

The entrance to the club is astounding. One enters through wide steps reaching at a wide foyer of bamboo walls with intrinsic lighting details.

On the other side of the foyer is the reception and a beautiful chandelier created by local artisans gives a feeling of luxury.

From the foyer, one can get glimpses of oceans through bamboo supporting structures.

Further, the guests get an opportunity to move around the bar inside the main bamboo structure get the broken vision of the sea through the beautiful infinity pool. One gets a clear vision of the whole building and a breathtaking bamboo party platform by reaching the pool.

The pool surrounded by the immense amount of day beds for leisure makes the whole premise look lively.

The swimming area comprises the swim bar beneath the bamboo party platform creating a connection of regional architecture with contemporary experience. The roofs of the platforms are shaped in leaf creating a striking frame when visualized from distance. All in all, the place is beautifully crafted and as the sun goes down one can experience a magical Bali sunset and then the action in the ocean as the night surfers carve up the Berawa break under lights.

At Finnes Beach Club, the group is focused on creating experiences for those who live and travel to Bali. They create timeless memories by sharing their passion for what they do, and their love of Bali. In addition, they provide hospitality by the kindness with which they treat their guests, their community, and each other.

The club offers 170 m of absolute oceanfront at the famous Berawa surf break. The guests here can sink into the bliss of stunning sunsets, live vocalists, daily DJs, sushi bar, night surfing, ocean spa, and barber.

While talking about facilities, visitors to Finns can laze away the day in the sun from the comfort of single and deluxe beds on a white sand beach, or party beds located directly in the lagoon pool. Families are catered for at the gazebo pool, and adults-only at the 41m VIP oceanfront infinity pool surrounded by deluxe beds each catering for up to six people. One can enjoy the unbeatable 180-degree ocean views whilst listening to the cool tunes from resident musicians daily.

Finns Beach Club provides an experience like no other in Bali. Known as one of the world’s best beach clubs, the guests enjoy free-flow Balian water, Balinese massages, and great hospitality.

The bar & dining experience boasts a well-balanced mix of locals, international, and fusion cuisine with the best quality and fresh ingredients.

All who visit this piece of paradise are in awe of its beauty, they leave relaxed, sun-kissed, and dreaming of when they will return.

Architects: Penjor Bali Mandiri

Project: Finns Beach Club

Type: Beach Club

Year: 2016

Location: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Content Writing: Ar. Vibhuti Sorathia

Photograph Source: Finns Beach Club and Penjor Bali Mandiri