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Follower: A Historical Building Transformed Into An Instagrammable Restaurant Design _ YoDezeen

Kyiv, Ukraine _ Follower: A Historical Building Transformed Into An Instagrammable Restaurant Design _ YoDezeen Studio

The 'Follower' restaurant, the newest Kyiv hospitality opening, is imagined as an eclectic, eccentric, and modern place for millennials who are keen on social media but at the same time never forget the benefits of social life.

'YoDezeen' transforms the Soviet building into an Instsgrammable restaurant.

Located at one of the oldest and longest streets of Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska street, the 'Follower' restaurant takes over the two floors of the brick historical building with the panoramic windows on the central façade.

The newly renovated building itself well known as 'stalinka' was built in the 1950s by Ukrainian architect OsipKryvoglaz and has become a part of the entire ensemble of Soviet architecture in Kyiv.

As designers, 'YoDezeen' was faced with two essentials tasks: maximum preservation of the historical past of the building, but at the same time, the creation of a restaurant space where the offline and online presence of visitors is strongly intertwined, a space that leaves no opportunity not to post it on social media.

"In the current Internet era business owners are increasingly recognizing the impact of social media on their business. So, the design-for-Insta strategy is becoming essential in such commercial projects as 'Follower,' where we were trying to meet the needs of local businesses and to create the space that perfectly suits generation Y. End goal obviously was to create a more enticing environment for consumers," says lead architect Artem Zverev.

Arranged over two levels the entire space of the 'Follower' restaurant with an American and Italian eatery includes the first floor with a cocktail bar and a communal table and the second floor with more intimate seating. The dining areas for 84 seating spots are furnished with wood and metal armchairs and wood and concrete tables – one part of which is custom-made and the other is furniture delivered from Denmark.

"Seeking the very idea for space, we were trying to implement graphic visual motives with lots of honest materials such as steel, glass, wood, etc. even so, putting big attention in creating an authentic sense of eclectic style with adding somethings with meaning everywhere in the restaurant," says Artem.

"The vivid color and material palette of the interior – including greens, deep navy, wood, silver, and terracotta which is meant to evoke an atmosphere that every visitor wants to share with," he adds.

The prime focus of the ground floor completely belongs to the cocktail bar with 3 immense mirrors of 4 meters high with the imposing list of signature cocktails.

The cast-wood bartender's counter is framed by a stylized ceramic bookshelf with 300 books on it.

Much attention is paid to wood as the main material in the implementation of the interior idea.

This is a large communal table, wooden countertops, a European bench, natural parquet with a pronounced texture, as well as large wooden frames with aged mirrors on the bar, which add even more air and space to the room.

Directly opposite of the cocktail bar is located a custom artwork featured by 'YoDezeen' designers: the big picture of imagined 'Follower' personifying the generation Y.

The artwork is 3 meters high and composed of 200 kg of books laid out in such a way as to create patterns and individual elements of the imaginary face.

Spacious restaurant space with a high ceiling in 5 meters, terracotta bricks on the walls, and honey-toned wood complete the authentic atmosphere with 5 millimeters hot rolled steel cladding over the first level.

The communal table made from wood with massive metal supports is located in the middle of the first level and dedicated to the constant desire of millennials to communicate offline as well.

A custom rust-styled metal staircase connects the two floors of the restaurant.

Another non-standard work of 'YoDezeen' designers in this project is a set of metal letters of the word 'FOLLOWER' placed in bulk on the columns of the restaurant.

Upstairs, visitors will find the same interior color palette, but with more comfortable seating. The main accent of the second floor is the custom design of the bookcase with glass books illuminated in dark blue. The restrooms of the restaurant continue the Instsgrammable theme. Large rooms with blue partitions, washbasins made of basalt in the form of an uncouth piece of stone are compositionally complemented by a mirror with a gradient.

The theme of books is clearly traced throughout the concept of the interior, as one of the main meanings, defining 'Follower' as a collective image of a generation Y living in two parallel worlds - virtual and real. The books are stylized in the design of the bar, in the format of an art library on the second level, in the form of metal letters literally hanging on the columns of the first level.

Architects: YoDezeen Studio

Project: Follower

Type: Restaurant and Bar

Area: 153 sq. mt.

Year: 2020

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Design Team: Artem Zverev, Artur Sharf, AlesyaRyamova, Julia Klyahina

Chairs: Svartisen

Faucet: Axor

The Picture Art: Designers of YoDezeen Studio

The Mirrors, Bar counter, Communal Table and Tables: custom made

Content Writer: Tatiana Kolchanova

Photographer: Andrii Shurpenkov

About YoDezeen:

Yodezeen is an award-winning architectural and interior design studio with over 800 projects worldwide and offices in Kyiv, Miami, and a representative office in Milan. Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev founded the studio in 2010 intending to develop a conceptual approach in design and architecture. The studio is distinguished by high-quality design, international experience and is well-known in the residential and commercial real estate sectors.

The basic philosophy of the studio is to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for the customers by lightning-fast development of projects employing unique styles and architecture. The studio creates harmony out of seemingly completely incompatible elements in the interior or the exterior design.

Combining elements that have never been combined - that is the studio's forte and passion.


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