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Handcrafted Decor Giving An Idea Of Being Thoughtfully Stylish

Asama Enterprise

1. Thoughtfully Stylish

Asama products are made from a natural fiber- cane, bamboo and mostly water hyacinth. Hyacinth is a beautiful plant which grows in water. It is a weed, which harms the aquatic life of the water body. Plucking water hyacinth helps the eco-system of the water bodies and increases the bio-diversity. In addition, no part of the natural fiber is wasted. When the fresh hyacinth stems are cleaned and dried, the discarded portions are put in a compost pit. Hyacinth is an excellent fertilizer. The compost is then used in the tea garden. Also, since the products are made from natural fiber, they are compostable and will in fact contribute to improve the soil structure.

2. Handcrafted Decor

All Asama products are made by the village women. The artisans make the products at their own home at their own pace and as per their convenience, after all art and creativity cannot be forced. The artisans are paid every week, and it has helped generate a sustainable livelihood, not only for these women artisans, but also their families. The women have a new sense of self esteem since they are able to contribute to their family income in a substantial manner. Also they undergo continuous capacity building to hone their basketry skills and keep learning more and more.

Handcrafted Decor Giving An Idea Of Being Thoughtfully Stylish

Brand: Asama Enterprise

Product: Fiber Accessories

Type: Handcrafted Decor

Location: Assam, India




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