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Kalundewa Retreat: A Very Subtle & Sensitive Design Approach To Minimize The Impact On Earth

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Dambulla, Sri Lanka _ Kalundewa Retreat: A Very Subtle & Sensitive Design Approach To Minimize The Impact On Earth _ Earth & Space Architects

Kalundewa Retreat is nestled within a 104-acre property with strong biodiversity, integrated water bodies, and agricultural fields.

The Design Intention was to minimize the impact on earth on every aspect of the project – Design – Construction – Maintenance.

The design approach was to be very subtle & sensitive to the Environment whilst being robust in function.

By touching the ground lightly existing natural patterns remained undisturbed, vegetation and wildlife habitats were conserved.

Less consumption, usage of renewable energy, organic farming within the site also create awareness on sustainability.

Light and elegant structures provide an experience of being one with nature.

Spaces are designed in such a way that one can experience the seamless flow of nature with the cycle of time, both from the inside and out.

Each location is treated sensitively without disturbing the existing landscape.

A mix of materials - burned bricks, raw concrete, glass, and timber helped to achieve the language & character that Kalundewa demanded.

The Infinity Plunge Pool is a special feature in every water chalet, shallow water terrace, and pool deck which is an interesting space under the tree cover.

The boutique resort also boasts of a natural spring water pool known as Ulpotha which overflows into a beautiful stream surrounded by lush green cover all around.

The common facility building – a contemporary interpretation of a traditional farmer resting place or ‘wadiya’ – which was originally between these trees acts as a pavilion connecting the agricultural fields with the lake via a bund.

In its essence, the Architecture and Design of the retreat are intended to offer a unique, spatial feel that will bring about a healing of the mind, body, and soul.

Architects: Earth & Space Architects

Project: Kalundewa Retreat

Type: Cabins

Area: 1600

Year: 2018

Location: Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Lead Architect: Sanath Liyanage

Project Architects: Minda Gamanayake, Raveendra Handagama

Manufacturers: Bluescope, Bossini, Saint-Gobain, Vitra, Alumex, Nibsa, Rocell Bathware

Text: By Architects

Photographer: Pasindu Kithmina, Eresh Weerasuriya

Source: Archdaily

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