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Khachapuri & Wine: A Restaurant Conveying The Georgian Atmosphere _ Pravda Bureau + Elena Lokastova

Moscow, Russia _ Khachapuri & Wine Interior: A Restaurant Conveying The Georgian Atmosphere _ Pravda Bureau + Elena Lokastova

The project authors unconventionally conveyed the Georgian atmosphere: instead of the usual ornaments, Pirosmani paintings, and massive furniture, Georgian comfort is achieved with tactile materials, lightness of forms, and accent colors.

A carpeted bar stands out in the entrance hall among the textured plaster and fine tiles that run through the entire project. The rest of the first-floor rooms are laconic in architectural means: it's pretty much only glare of glazed ceramics on the walls, tables, and even on the sofa that brings expressiveness to space.

Furniture and light fixtures are either custom-made according to the architects' sketches or purchased at vintage markets.

The staircase that leads to the upper floor is partially finished with a white gypsum board. In some places, old brick appears inside the stairwell, telling the story of the building that used to be a tenement housing in the 19th century.

The second floor seems less utilitarian than the first: concrete and tiles are replaced by wood and mosaic rescued from an abandoned Soviet pioneer camp. Inside the mosaic-clad restroom, the architectural narrative changes dramatically.

Modern reflective surfaces with bright red accents of faucets and door handle contrast with the accentuated man-made nature of the rest of the interior. Only the archaic shape of the spouts reminds of an image of dining halls.

On the third floor, there is a family-friendly area with armchairs by the fireplace and a long shared table. In the double-height space, the ceiling with spray-on decorative fireproofing is sporadically replaced by wooden panels. Fine tiles in window openings reflect daylight, bringing softness and tranquility to the room.

Architect: Pravda Bureau + Elena Lokastova

Project: Khachapuri & Wine

Type: Restaurant

Area: 3767 sq.ft.

Year: 2021

Location: Moscow, Russia

Lead Architects: Petr Mironenko, Nikita Tugarin, Elena Lokastova

Text: By Architect

Photography: Ivan Erofeev

Source: Archdaily

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