Last Exit, DXB Bound: A Retro Food Truck Park, Inspired By 1950s' Americana in Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE _ Last Exit Dubai, DXB Bound: A Retro Food Truck Park, Inspired By 1950s' Americana.

A visit to Dubai is incomplete without taking a break at Last Exit, DXB Bound - a street food truck park. It is an experience in itself. The little design details here are the inspirations from the 1950s' Americana. Its funky ambiance and retro looks create instagramable photo frames on every corner. Here, one can drop by for a dine-in experience or can drive through while enjoying the moreish fare. The food truck park serves everyone from children to adults, having varied activities for each. The fun part is there is a small dedicated area for younger ones where every furniture, element, props, etc. are scaled down to their size, making them own the park. It is a perfect pit stop to soak up in a fancy environment dishing up nostalgia, fab food, and fun events.

Source: Last Exit

Source: Last Exit

Source: Last Exit

Source: Last Exit

In the words of the Last Exit team, "we've got everything from your favorite coffees to fresh juices, soul-warming savory dishes to sweet guilty pleasures, all of which even the fussiest eaters will love. Food isn't the only thing we do well. We're also home to fun, family-friendly events throughout the year. We're open day and night."

Project: Last Exit Dubai, DXB Bound

Type: Food Truck Park

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: 6:00 AM to 3:00 AM

Direction: Sheikh Zayed Road, just after Interchange 11 in the direction of Dubai from Abu Dhabi, UAE

Content Writing: Ar. Vibhuti Sorathia

Photographs: Ar. Gunjan Atkotiya, Ar. Vibhuti Sorathia