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Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort By Anantara In Bedouin Architecture And Arabian Hospitality _ Dubarch

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort By Anantara In Bedouin Architecture And Arabian Hospitality _ Dubarch

On the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, amidst the world’s largest sand desert, in the uninhabitable area of the Empty Quarter, there sits a beautiful resort called Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara.

This resort rises from flame-colored dunes like a mirage, inviting adventure in the most luxurious of styles at this remote location.

The resort design incorporates a local Arabic theme, keeping up with Abu Dhabi’s Bedouin architecture heritage.

The thoughtfully designed luxury resort provides windows into the genuine modern character of the destination.

The hotels & resorts chain Anantara is a believer in the saying ‘Life is a journey.’

Revolving around this very belief, the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort is a reflection of a chapter in a life filled with extraordinary travel experiences and explorations.

Here, a person receives the opportunity to seek the exceptional, encounter the new, and widen the horizons.

Guests here can curate a lifetime of memories through personal experiences as the resort enables journeys of adventure and indulgence.

A one-of-a-kind experiential property, where travelers engage with the place, people, and stories that make them indulge with the culture a little more.

The resort is designed by Dubai-based architect ‘Dubarch,’ who developed this high-profile, luxury 5-star resort in the vast and uninhabitable area outside the capital called Empty Quarter.

The designer of this picturesque resort has used local materials, water-sparing indigenous flora, and smart design that make the resort energy efficient.

As per the architect, using local stucco and stone for construction materials not only cut down on the building’s carbon footprint and provide needed insulation from the exterior heat but also imitate the traditional mud structures lost to the more contemporary, decidedly impractical glass towers that shimmer along the Gulf.

The windows and door frames also hearken to the longstanding Bedouin tradition on which the UAE is based, while also provide thermal insulation.

And all of the landscaping – including trees and palm – is done using indigenous flora that does not require a lot of water to survive.

As per the developers, the building has sustainability specs like:

  • To minimize the harsh effects of wind and sandstorms, a wind modeling technique was used to select the best location for the development.

  • Water consumption is reduced by applying best practices for plant irrigation and outdoor landscape design. For example, an on-site sewage treatment plant is made to recycle water for non-potable reuse.

  • During the construction of the resort, concrete requirements were minimized by using geotextile sandbags to build retaining walls – a sustainable application that uses local material reduces cost, and significantly reduces the considerable carbon footprint from concrete.

  • Specially designed double glazing windows have recesses, overhangs, and balconies to reduce heat transfer in all the buildings.

  • On-site natural water resources are conserved by avoiding environmental impact on aquifers by not drawing from on-site natural water resources.

  • The architectural landscape has been carefully considered by selecting plants and trees that are tolerant of sand, wind, and drought.

  • All buildings have intelligent building management systems (IBMS), as well as intelligent lighting and energy control, thus reducing excessive use of electricity.

Few places on the earth are as magical as Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara.

Set in the unspoiled oasis of the Rub' Al Khali desert, the resort gives inimitable Arabian luxury infused with royal finesse.

It could be called a desert full of experiences.

From being mesmerized by the alluring charm of the Liwa Desert to dining under the desert skies, the resort is an experience in itself.

A place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, giving the view of breathtaking beauty, unsurpassed luxury, and the warmth of Arabian hospitality.

People here, come to uncover the spirit of Arabia.

A fortress of turrets, courtyards, and fountains houses spacious rooms and suites, while pool villas stand apart facing the sunset Royal Pavilion Villas is among the finest hotel oasis.

The rooms consist of a lush garden terrace facing arid beauty, balconies to admire endless dunes and sunsets, and a wrap-around sun lounge with a desert panorama view. There are three types of rooms, garden, balcony, and terrace respectively.

Whereas, the suites at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort are spacious and exude luxe, as they provide a hideaway in the private lounge and facilities like breakfast overlooking the desert. On the other hand, the pool villas are the romance of expansive luxury. Here, one can refresh in the cool waters of the private plunge pool and infinite desert view. Other facilities include an outdoor shower, private cabana, shared living and dining room with pantry, garden, and terrace.

Another attraction at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort is the gastronomic discoveries at its truly unique restaurants.

From savoring vibrant flavors of Abu Dhabi at ‘Al Waha’ restaurant to sunset cocktails and fine dining under the stars at ‘Suhail’ a rooftop steakhouse.

From Mediterranean oasis by the poolside at ‘Ghadeer’ to Arabic-spiced brews and pastries at the lobby lounge ‘Al Liwan.’

From dining under the stars at ‘Al Falaj’ a Bedouin-style restaurant to Middle Eastern cooking classes at ‘Spice Spoons.’

From relaxed dining by the pool with signature mojitos at ‘Naseem Pool Bar’ to curating personal dining experience with ‘Dining by Design’ in the middle of the desert or the hotel premises. Need be in-room dining or desert barbeque, the dining at this remote location is a cosmopolitan affair.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort is a breathtaking venue for varied occasions. Beautifully designed by Dubarch the resort is an oasis of inner balance and relaxation.