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Stella Artois: A European Style Pop Up Bar With Monochromatic Imprint _ Hitzig Militello Arquitectos

Buenos Aires, Argentina _ Stella Artois: A European Style Pop Up Bar With Monochromatic Imprint _ Hitzig Militello Arquitectos

The project is the result of research we have done during the development of the identity for the Artois coffee project, in which we elaborated a language that represents the brand Stella Artois for its venues, the company that commissioned us.

There are elements in the proposal that refer to the old typical European cafés of the early twentieth century, closely related to the Parisian ones.

The arches have been a resource that we re-elaborated respecting its elegant features but implemented as an envelope composing a volume that can be easily interpreted from the distance.

The envelope has a sequence of repeated and overlapped circumferences generating a dense but permeable boundary, at the same time opting for voids where free communication with the service is required.

The stand has two distinct facades given its asymmetrical enclave. The opposite side is incorporated into the old building of the market shed, in contrast to the façade, which is detached from the walls and ceiling. Both sides are connected to the bar services.

The project has a monochromatic imprint but a heterogeneous composition in its materials, such as refractory bricks, iron, and marble, all part of the tectonic family.

The antique mirror and the chandelier-like luminaires with their spheres are part of the Parisian imaginary of the cafés of the twentieth century.

Architect: Hitzig Militello Arquitectos

Project: Stella Artois

Type: Pop-up (Bar)

Area: Ground Floor - 15 sq. mt.

Year: 2020

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Concept Design, Schematic, Design Developments: Hitzig Militello architects

Concept Design: Arch. Sol Caride

Construction Documents: Arch. Magdalena Salinas

Renders: Arch. Alfredo Doisebant

Photographs: Federico Kulekdjian

About Hitzig Militello Arqitectos:

"Creating & Building Ideas"

Hitzig Militello Architects deliver high-end commercial and residential projects throughout Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. With a special focus on the hospitality industry (restaurants, bars, hotels) and tech startup workspaces, Hitzig Militello has become a true craftsman for brands, garnering international recognition and awards for their concepts. The firm works holistically by merging the abstract with the intrinsic. We consider all elemental aspects to reach an integrated conceptual design.

With two decades of experience in creating commercial spaces, hospitality locales, offices, and others, our firm provides architecture and interior design services that cover every phase of development. For each project, we focus on generating strong creative concepts, with a special emphasis on brand architecture design. Through refined and tailored concept architecture, we create or revitalize identities in every project. Our firm seeks authenticity and success by working closely with clients to achieve a unique user and consumer experience that allows each project to reach its greatest potential.


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